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Intercultural Communication Certificate Program - english version

Intercultural Communication Certificate Programme (ICCP)


ICCP is a bilingual postgraduate certificate programme open to all MA students @LMU (with the exception of students enrolled in the Intercultural Communication MA degree course) or students in the 7th or higher semester of an undergraduate degree at LMU.

The new application deadline is October 6th.

A fundamental understanding of the diverse intercultural challenges of today's multicultural and globalized societies is essential in every specialized field as well as in many work contexts. The program provides students with essential and up-to-date knowledge on the topics of intercultural communication.

Whether you aim to:

  • work in the HR or D&I department of a global company and/or international organization and want to get better at handling (cultural) diversity
  • learn how to be, speak and act in an inclusive manner
  • get involved in refugee work or in initiatives for migrants and immigrants
  • learn about conflict management and negotiation techniques helping you to ‘solve’ or maybe even avoid potential (culturally coded) conflicts, misunderstandings, frictions and/or irritations

The courses are bilingual. The lectures are held in German, the advanced courses and the work accompanying the courses in English.

ICCP Organization & Structure

The 'Intercultural Communication Certificate Programme' (ICCP) can be absolved in 2 - 4 semester units. It comprises three modules corresponding to 30 ECTS in total:

Module 1: First semester

German Lecture: Introduction to Intercultural Communication (3 ECTS)

English Seminar - P1: Advanced Course Interculturality and Intercultural Competence + weekly Reflection Assignments (6 ECTS)

Module 2: Second semester

German Lecture: Aspects and Fields of Action of Intercultural Communication (3 ECTS)

English Seminar - P2: Advanced Course Contexts of Intercultural Communication + Weekly Reflection Assignments (6 ECTS)

Module 3: Second or third or fourth semester

Colloquium - once per semester (3 ECTS)

Final Thesis - P3: Qualification Paper (9 ECTS

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Applications are welcome until October 6th at the latest by sending us an email stating your name, matriculation number and MA study subject. Up to 60 students can be accepted. Should more students want to apply, a lottery will decide.

For more information, please contact us by email:

  • Administration Office
    Oettingenstr. 67
    Room 112
    Tel.: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 9617

We look forward working with you!

The ICCP Team