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Program Set-Up

ICCP Organization & Structure

The ‘Intercultural Communication Certificate Programme’ (ICCP) can be absolved in 2 - 4 semester units.

It comprises three modules corresponding to 30 ECTS in total:

Module 1: First semester
English Lecture (WiSe 21-22 online): Introduction to Intercultural Communication (3 ECTS)
English Seminar - P1 (WiSe 21-22 online): Advanced Course Interculturality and Intercultural Competence + Reflection Assignments (6 ECTS)

Module 2: Second semester
English Lecture (WiSe 21-22 online): Theories of Intercultural Communication (3 ECTS)
English Seminar - P2 (Wi-Se 21-22 online): Advanced Course Contexts of Intercultural Communication + Reflection Assignments (6 ECTS)

Module 3: Second or third or fourth semester
Colloquium - once per semester (3 ECTS)
Final Thesis - P3: Qualification Paper (9 ECTS)


The ICCP lectures are the preparation for and foundation of our weekly seminars. Our seminars build upon and deepen the content introduced by the lecture. They are highly interactive and discussion based.
In order to pass module P1 and P2, you are expected to attend both the weekly lecture and the seminar as well as to turn in ‘Reflection Assignments’ (RA) by means of which we expect you to work with and reflect upon the content of both the lecture and the seminar. To us, high quality feedback is essential to learning and thus we invest strongly in providing you with tailor-made feedback. The Reflection Assignments will be graded in order for you to measure your learning process. However, your official Transcript of Records for the P1 and P2 modules will show a pass/no pass grade.

ICCP has its own Moodle site which functions as our primary communication platform. It provides all relevant course materials (lecture and seminar slides as well as suggested reading materials). The ‘Reflection Assignments’ are posted on and can be turned in via our Moodle site.

The final thesis (‘Qualification Paper’ - P3) is an essay where you will be expected to connect real-life (intercultural) encounters with theoretical approaches from different disciplines. The Qualification Paper is a conclusive review of everything you will have learned in ICCP and will be graded with us taking into account to what extent you have been an active participant of our programme. After successfully completing ICCP, you will be provided with the official ICCP Certificate by means of which you will be able to document your Intercultural Competence to any future employer. The certificate will show your Qualification Paper title and final grade.