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Words from the supervising instructor

Dr. Gregor Sterzenbach


Why is the ICCP offered in addition to the master’s in Intercultural Communication? Who is this programme aimed at?
The ICCP was brought to life by Professor Ivett Guntersdorfer, later and for a long time supervised by Dr. Kari van Dijk, and was taken over by me in the winter semester of 2022-2023. The idea was and is to offer an additional programme for master’s students coming from fields other than Intercultural Communication. Students or graduates of other disciplines also go abroad or have something to do with internationality. Therefore, it makes sense to offer a programme that gives interested students the opportunity to sharpen their skills in this regard. The ICCP offers a slimmed-down version of the master’s in Intercultural Communication for those who don’t have the resources to complete an additional course of study but who still would like to further their education in this field.

The master’s degree, on the other hand, forms a much more comprehensive specialization. More topics are covered, which are treated intensively theoretically and empirically. Here, one learns well-founded content-related and methodological tools and scientific know-how in order to operate in intercultural work environments and shape these in a planned and executive manner. For example, in addition to the scientific training, there’s the possibility here to acquire didactic training competence in order to conduct trainings or coaching in the area of Intercultural Communication or to get to know artistic-media project work in this area.

How do employers view skills acquired through the ICCP?
Employers like to see people who have abilities in the area of Intercultural Communication. You can see that just by looking at the many job advertisements seeking openness for intercultural work and intercultural competence. Of course, work experience, for example in the form of an internship, plays a major role in the attractiveness of a job candidate. I consider this experience, coupled with the additional competencies such as those acquired through the ICCP, to be a strong and promising combination.


Dr. Gregor Sterzenbach
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