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Public Lecture with Nitzan Shoshan

Nitzan Shoshan (Centro de Estudios Sociológicos, El Colegio de México):

"Immediacy, Nationalism, Anthropology: Against Mediation in Theory and Practice"

Reflecting on a new research project on nationalism in Germany, the talk focuses on the notion of immediacy as both a political desire and a theoretical orientation. To what extent would thinking analytically with immediacy as an aspiration and a project help us understand the rising appeal of nationalism in Germany and Europe more generally? And in what ways has anthropology participated in, rather than simply documented or analyzed, the elaboration of discourses of immediacy?

Zeit: 27. Juni 2019, 19:00 Uhr

Ort: Richard-Wagner-Str. 27, 80333 München

Der Vortrag findet im Rahmen des Workshops "Anthropologists Struggling with Neo-Nationalism and uthoritarianism: Challenges for Ethnography in Turbulent Times" der dgv-Kommission "Europäisierung_Globalisierung. Ethnographien des Politischen", in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation und der Petra Kelly Stiftung, statt.